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A Call for a Support Group for English Speaking Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Joensuu City District

What Kind of a Support Group Could This Be?

If you have tried to identify support groups for the English speaking Autism Spectrum adults in the Joensuu city district, and you haven’t found any – the reason has been that there are no such groups at the moment here. It is a pity. However, now there is a possibility to have one: This unique support group will launch its first support activities if English speaking Autism Spectrum adults can be found from the Joensuu city district. Our simple mission is to empower people - like us - with Autism Spectrum Disorders by spending time together: “Together We Become and Are Stronger”. Additionally, if you have some problems in practicalities – for example applying different benefits or getting other useful information – we may try to help you to the best of our abilities.

So, if you are reading this announcement and if you have Autism Spectrum Disorders and you are living near Joensuu, why not to contact us – you may be the first one if we do not count the members of our local Finnish speaking support group for the Asperger adults who have also proficiency in English language. From the above mentioned group, we can say on the behalf of everyone that we are eager to meet closely-spaced English speaking Asperger adults – so, for example, you may be originally from other countries spending only some time at the moment here in Joensuu city district or you can live here all the time. The most important thing for you and for us is that you want to meet other Autism Spectrum adults. We also accept adults with a strong doubt about having Autism Spectrum Disorder. So, a professional diagnosis is not required for attending our meetings but it is a good basis for attending our support group because after all this support group is for Autism Spectrum adults.

The group (one of its leaders) has already subscribed the free electronic-only General International List of the GRASP (The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership), because we are interested in getting familiar with that kind of international peer-run partnerships in the future. The GRASP website can be found from here:

Where and When We Are Going to Meet Each Other?

Our meetings can be held at the coffee room of the Different Learners´Association (Erilaiset Oppijat Ry) in Niinivaara at Tiaisenkatu 28 (80200 Joensuu). We can discuss about anything related to our Autism Spectrum lives - while drinking coffee or tea and eating delicious biscuits or savory. The timetable for the regular meetings can be agreed later when we have found each other – and discussed when and where we will meet at the first time. Later on we can also do other activities like go bowling or have a forest walk.

How to Join This Support Group And Who to Contact?

Those who want to know more about our possible meetings are encouraged to contact one of the group leaders, Marko Heiskanen. Contact by email: . Or by telephone: +358-50-3579831.

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